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Video Proposal



My team and I are excited to the have the opportunity to begin working with RC3


Adding video to the RC3 website is a great step for content and education, and the repurposing strategy represented is going to create huge dividends for the community center and for the community as a whole.

Work Samples

Our Work

Client Testimonial - (Jennifer Catlett, Crye-Leike)

Fundraiser Promotional Video - (Anytime Fitness)

Informational Video - (Bryan College Martial Arts Academy)

TVA - Norris Dam Flight

Superior Bulk Logistics - Pre-Trip Training

Business References

Business References



There are 2 main concerns:


1. Workout Anytime has come to town and is offering many of the same services RC3 offers, and there are some customers leaving. However, RC3 offers more services and better options for families at a similar price, making it the better value.


2. General awareness of RC3 does not meet expectations, and RC3 wants to maximize its position in the market for the peak season of December-March.



You're spending a lot of time, effort, volunteer resources, and money on this company.

It's critical that every moment and feature is captured with clarity and detail, in a way that people share, and in a way that gains more clients.

Make a Difference

RC3 serves as a community center and guidepost that truly makes a difference in individual lives in Rhea County.


Therefore, to truly make a difference in the community, RC3 needs to


RAISE AWARENESS of their services and offerings,




We humbly recommend that the best process for doing so is as follows:


1. Redesign RC3's website so it passes the .05 second test.
A web designer is essential, but to really maximize the effort and the resources put into this, the best stratety is to focus on video as a central piece
2. Share video on social media and other platforms
These can be typical iPhone films AND the videos created by Michael Whitlock Productions. This initiates social engagement, encourages word of mouth advertising, informs followers and customers on services, and makes RC3 relevant in 2019.
3. Advertise with video - especially online
There are many different avenues where video has proven to be the most effective marketing tool. Taking the resources from making the videos, and reinvesting them in adveritising, will only create more resources available for RC3 to continue its mission in the community.



There are 2 packages listed here to fit different budgets. One includes the entire video campaign, and one focuses in on the About Us Video.

Both include:


Professional Camera Package

High Definition Audio capture




Voiceover (if needed)

Full Package . . . . . $4000


Final products include:

About Us / Company Profile Video - 2 cuts: 1 minutes, 3-5 minutes

Listening & Storyboarding



Repurpose into:

Services Videos. . . . . . . . . .$300/per

normally $700 each

Testimonial Films. . . . . . . . .$100/per

normally $700 each

Allows for:

Website Redesign. . . . . . . . . .$700

normally $3000

Simple Package . . . $1900

Unlike the larger production, this one cannot be as easily repurposed into so many different films. Nor will it cover as many assets. However, it does create a simple, about-us video that can live on your Facebook Story page, Instagram, and website. It can furthermore be repurposed for some advertisements

Final products include:

About Us / Company Profile Video - 1 cut: 2-3 minute


See the original proposal below:


You can fill it out or contact Michael Whitlock if you have any questions.

Michael Whitlock


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