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Rhea Medical Center

Video Proposal



My team and I are excited to the have the opportunity to begin working with Rhea Medical Center.


Adding video to the Rhea Medical website is a great step for content and education, and the repurposing strategy represented is going to create huge dividends for the hospital and for the community as a whole.

Work Samples

Our Work

Client Testimonial - (Jennifer Catlett, Crye-Leike)

Fundraiser Promotional Video - (Anytime Fitness)

Informational Video - (Bryan College Martial Arts Academy)

TVA - Norris Dam Flight

Superior Bulk Logistics - Pre-Trip Training



While my team has not created video for a hospital specifically, I am confident we can create an "About Us" video similar to (really, better than) the quality shown below.

Business References

Business References



Rhea Medical Center needs video to advertise their services, to build trust with viewers, and to be repurposed across all media platforms.

In order to do this, we recommend two kinds of videos:

About Us Video

This video is needed first and foremost.

This is where we get to show the heart of your hospital, the story of your brand, and also advertise on all services Rhea Medical provides. This will live on the About Us page of the website, and can be easily repurposed into advertisements.

This film will include short interviews with key staff members, short testimonials from patients, all overlaid with footage of hospital workers at work, the interiors and exteriors of the facilities, details of equipment, and joyous human interactions.

Services & Story Films

These videos are secondary, but can be built out from the videos made for the About Us film, and are the most helpful for educating your community. These are fantastic videos for the webpages, but also for larger social media content campaigns.

These would be longer interviews with key staff members and patients, intercut with footage of them as they live and work.


For the patients, we would talk with them coach them to tell their story engagingly of how Rhea Medical Center was central in their recovery process. We would show footage of the patient in the hospital, talking with hospital workers, and also shots of them living their normal life now that they are able to live freely. These are paramount to building trust, and are great social media material.

With the staff members, we will go into more detail on what they do day to day, and why they do what they do. More shots of them in action, showing off their expertise and the hospital's professionalism. These are paramount to building awareness of Rhea Medical Center's other services on the website and social media content campaigns, and are also great for internal morale building.



There are 2 packages listed here to fit different budgets. One includes the entire video campaign, and one focuses in on the About Us Video.

Both include:


Professional Camera Package

High Definition Audio capture




Voiceover (if needed)

Full Package . . . . . $8200

1.5 - 3 days well-planned days of shooting interviews with key executives, staff, and patients (depending on scheduling). Incredible additional shoots inside the hospital, outside the hospital, and at key patients homes for all of the videos explained above.


Final products include:

About Us / Company Profile Video - 2 cuts: 1 minutes, 3-5 minutes


3 Services Films - up to 5 minutes


2 Patient Testimonials - ranging in length

Simple Package . . . $3900

1 day of shooting to capture shorter interviews with key people. Additional footage shot in the same time.

Final products include:

About Us / Company Profile Video - 1 cut:  1-3 minutes


Download a copy of this proposal below:


You can fill it out or contact Michael Whitlock if you have any questions.

Michael Whitlock


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